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Social Dating Website PHP Script- Start Your Own Social Dating Site for Free

The pH7 Dating CMS is a PHP CMS with an architecture MVC (Model-View-Controller).
It is designed with the KISS principle in mind, and the entire source code can be read and understood in minutes, PDO (PHP Data Objects) abstraction allows choice of databases and is a principle of CMS developement DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) aims at reducing repetition of information of all kinds (Not duplicate code).

It also wants to fast, low resource-intensive, extremely powerful and very secure.

pH7 Social Dating Software's Features

  •     Easy, fast and intelligent
  •     Our software is very fast, intelligent, secure, and it has a spam detect system.
  •     Very Fun
  •     Our software is very fun for you and yours visitor!
  •     Dating Service & Community Website
  •     pH7 Social Dating is perfect for the dating site and social community portal.
  •     Multi Theme and many personalizable
  •     Build a unique theme and record time with the architecture of our CMS. 
Download pH7 Social Dating PHP Script

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A simple Validation Form in PHP

Today I am going to share a simple script in PHP which does the validation when user registers with your site.It is a very simple one and aimed at a complete newb.I am not going to discuss much about the script as it is pretty much self explanatory.The script is given below:

  else {
   $usr = new Users;
   $usr->storeFormValues( $_POST );
   $n6 = 6;

   if( $_POST['password'] == $_POST['cpassword'] ) {
    echo $usr->register($_POST); 
   else {
    echo "Password and Confirm password not match"; 
   if( $_POST['username'] < $n6 ) {
    echo "Username must be more than 6 characters.";
   else {
    echo $usr->register($_POST);
   if( $_POST['password'] < $n6 ) {
    echo "Password must be more than 6 characters.";
   else {
    echo $usr->register($_POST);
That's it with it.You may change it according to your needs.Besides, if your are working on a Registration form then you will also find the Login Form in PHP interesting.


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Free Social Bookmarking Script In PHP

More and more people are using social bookmarks. Such services gives a great way to keep track of their own bookmarks, independently from the used browser and computer.
Bookmark saved with such services are useable from home, work ... from everywhere. And the social structure gives you the possibility to find related links you never knew existed before.

As an webmaster it is a good idea to help people in using this services. Making it easier for people to bookmark your site will return in more bookmarks... and more people coming back.

This script makes it easy to implement links to social bookmarking services. Not just simple links.

When integrated in your site a visitor clicking on one of the links will be directed directly to the formula used by the chosen service for save the bookmark. The URL of your page and your page-title will be inserted directly in the form.

What does social bookmarking services do?

Social bookmarking services are getting more popular. They enable you to access your bookmarks worldwide. Independently from the used browser and computer. You can access the bookmarks at work, from home and out of your holiday.
And you are able to tag your bookmarks. Which gives you a great way of flexibility.
While you can keep your bookmarks private (or some of them), most are public. And in combination with the tagging system you can find interesting links to other sites which covers the topic.

Download Social Bookmarking Script In PHP

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PASTE- Pastebin Clone Script In PHP

Paste is an open source pastebin forked from the original script complete with a brand new design and features such as password protected pastes, archives and custom templates. An admin panel, installer and much more is still to come.

Download PASTE- Pastebin Clone Script In PHP

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MediaWiki Clone PHP Script- Get Your Own Wiki

MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now also used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis.This wiki is for the documentation, discussion and development of the MediaWiki software, the software which powers websites like Wikipedia and other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, as well as many other wikis around the world. It is kindly hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

All textual content of is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License (CC-BY-SA) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), except for pages that explicitly state that their contents are in the public domain.

Installation Guide

For experienced users, here is the quick version of the installation instructions.

  •     Check that your system meets the minimum requirements
  •     Download MediaWiki (direct link to latest version) and extract the archive to a web-accessible folder on your server.
  •     Point your browser to the directory where MediaWiki was extracted (e.g., http://[domain]/mediawiki/index.php). If installed on a local machine, replace [domain] with localhost. If installed on a remote server, replace [domain] with your server's domain name (eg:
  •     Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

These instructions are deliberately brief. There is a lot that could go wrong, so if in doubt, you are advised to read the full instructions on the official site.

  •     Links with shortcuts, arrangement depends on skin.
  •     Skins: Different ways to present the site.
  •     Monobook, a modern skin with accesskeys and tooltips.
  •     User styles: Users can adapt the look and feel of the site through custom CSS on their user pages.
  •     "Stub" threshold: Users can see links to articles below a certain size rendered in a different color.
  •     Printable versions of articles can be generated.
  •     Auto-number headings in an article (optional).
  •     Intra-page Anchors (automatically generated for headings, and also with <div id="tagname">...</div>).
  •     Automatically generate a table of contents for long articles (optional).
  •     Automatically turn ISBN numbers into links to an editable list of booksellers.
  •     XHTML- or HTML5-compatible output (or darn close to it), tidy integration.

Multimedia and Extensions
  •     File upload feature allows to upload graphics or sound files, see Special:Upload to see in operation, and Uploading files for description. Uploaded files are listed on Recent Changes and they are also logged on Special:Log/upload.
  •     Mathematical formulas using LaTeX syntax: see texvc
  •     Automatic resizing of images using ImageMagick or libgd, simple syntax for image captions and image alignment
  •     WikiHiero for Egyptian hieroglyphs (needs separate installed components)
  •     EasyTimeline for time charts (needs separate installed components)

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